Visiting Scholar Viewpoint: From the Desk of Nour El-Houda Abed

Noor El-Houda Abed

Back from the United States and after obtaining my PhD, I had the opportunity to become head of the department of planning and programming of research and international relations of the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria. The economic crisis which resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic led to a reflection on the strategic plan of the country's development including the agricultural sector in Algeria with as output the governmental roadmap which focuses on the development of agriculture in the Saharan region of the country.  Our institution has decided to comply with this plan and to carry out a reform at the scientific level through the reorganization and scientific restructuring of all the research departments of our institution around this axis (selection of varieties of adapted wheat and fodder, development of oasis agriculture, strategies of efficient management of water resources, etc.). 

Also, thanks to my training with Dr. Lal, as part of the Borlaug scholarship, which allowed me to integrate the world of preservation of the primary natural source for the survival of all living species, animal and plant, and which is our ecosystem, both atmospheric and terrestrial, especially through the importance of greenhouse gases emitted by the agricultural sector, I was able to study and train at the IPCC guidelines (certificate of achievement attached to this mail).

Nour Abed
Dr. ABED Nour Elhouda
National Institute of Agricultural Research of Algeria (INRAA)

Soil and Agricultural Areas Management Subdivision
Head of Department of Science Planning and Programming