Corteva and C-MASC: Climate Positive Leaders Program

Corteva Agriscience

C-MASC and Dr. Klaus Lorenz are energized to partner with Corteva Agriscience to develop the "Climate Postive Leaders Program." Corteva Agriscience launched  2021 Climate Positive Leaders Program to support farmers and ranchers around the world who have successfully implemented on-farm climate positive practices. The goal is to enhance agriculture with scalable, sustainable practices that leave the land richer for generations to come. "Together, we can make climate positive agriculture productive, profitable, environmentally beneficial, and equitable for farmers and communities."

On September 8th, the Climate Postive Leaders Program launched its Welcome Celebration, with welcoming remarks and brief introductions from the farmers identified in the nomination-based recognition program as "early adopters in climate positive practices." All the nominees and more details abouut the program can be found here: Corteva Climate Positive Leaders Program.