C-MASC Visiting Scholar Alumna Dr. Su Hao Lecture on Food Security in Ocean University of China

Dr. Hao Su lectures

By Hao Su – The 32nd session of the School of international affairs and public administration of OUC Academic Salon was held as scheduled on September 23, 2021. The lecturer of this session is Dr. Su. The topic of the lecture is The New Patterns of Food Security——Rethinking of Who Will Feed the Chinese? This salon was hosted by Associate Professor Yang and more than 50 teachers and students participated in the salon.

Hao Su and Colleagues

Dr. Su first introduced the theme of this lecture with Brown’s question of "Who will feed China?" She pointed out that under the inherent national conditions such as the prominent human-land contradiction, the scarcity of cultivated land resources and the deterioration of the ecological environment in China combined with the current situation of Covid-19 epidemics and repeated disasters. China’s food security still face major challenges. Secondly, Dr. Su pointed out that China has established new patterns of food security through the most stringent farmland protection policies, but still faces food waste as well as new issues that cannot be ignored, such as food price fluctuations. Finally, Dr. Su introduced a new path to achieve food security from four aspects: Where to plant? What to plant?How to plant? Who will plant? And how to distribute yield?

In the interactive comment session, Associate Professor Yang, Associate Professor Yue, Associate Professor Zhou, and Dr. Cui affirmed the background and practical significance of Dr.Su’s research topics. Teachers and students discussed the difference between food security and grain security, the impact of land transfer and scale management on food security, and the fallow crop rotation system, etc.Dr Su responded to the questions, and the discussion was lively on the spot.  Associate Professor Yang Yang summarized the meeting in the end.The academic salon has ended successfully.